The damn Ipads

We had a big discussion with my friends about how (un)useful Ipads are so I decided to write about it here as well. They are expensive and you can’t do anything with them that a computer couldn’t. They are just that little extra thing that you get when you already have everything you need.


A Finnish city,Espoo is spending enormous sums to buy an Ipad for every student in their elementary schools. A school in Kirkkonummi has gotten rid of their computers just to use the Ipads, and surprisingly (not) the students say that computers are better in many cases. At the same time UN environmental chief warns about enormous amounts of dangerous e-waste. This whole Ipad boom is ridiculous and is certainly contributing to more e-waste.

Getting Ipads instead of functioning computers is stupid. An Ipad can successfully be used only to browse the web, whereas a computer can be used to run several programs. I might sound like I’m old-fashioned and striving backwards, but whats wrong with laptops?? Aren’t they enough? I can understand that some people might find ipads useful in their work but in schools I don’t see how they can bring any educational value. Besides, I think it’s so stupid to have three devices to browse the web: a smartphone, an ipad and a computer.

Espoo spent millions of euro on ipads! If they don’t bring any educational value, if they don’t work as a replacement for computers, what is the point?
I bet that some middle-aged city council people, who don’t know anything about electronics are taking these decisions. And certainly, they are not taking any responsibility of minimizing e-waste.

2 thoughts on “The damn Ipads

  1. herregud vilket slöseri..! :O Själv byter jag inte ens upp mig som många gör med prylar såsom smartphones. Vet vissa som alltid ska ha den nyaste Iphonen, fast den gamla de har fortfarande är i toppskick.. Själv använder jag min telefon, laptop etc tills de är döda eller närapå att ge upp.. Och laptopen försöker jag återställa och fixa på de sätt jag kan innan jag ger upp och väljer att köpa ny.. Samma sak gäller det mesta förresten, t.ex. kläder som jag antingen använder tills de verkligen är utnötta eller så säljer jag enstaka plagg som jag av nån anledning inte använder second hand..

    svar: Jo, skulle nog kunna tänka mig att köpa dem, men finns ju inget Lindex här på ön.. 😛
    Åh, vad coolt med trä-solglasögon! 🙂


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