Dairy-free breakfast

Yosa in several flavors

A simple way to decrease the carbonfootprint of your diet is to cut down on your consumption of dairy products. Changing ones diet usually takes time because our habits of what we eat are deeply rooted, but one step at the time.

So during the next week I’m going to write about alternatives on what to eat instead of dairy products. So here comes the first: Yosa tastes like a mix of youghurt and pudding. You can choose between fresh flavors of fruits and berries but there is also a natural taste. Yosa is a Finnish brand, and I don’t know where else in the world it’s sold but I’m sure similar oat “youghurts” can be found elsewhere.

I love cows and I love youghurt . But there are just too many cows on this earth. Actually there are more cows than there was humans about 100 years ago. And they use a lot of natural resources. Decreasing the demand of dairy products is the way we can do something about this problem.


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