It’s just an hour, but it has symbolic value


Earth hour. Participants from 172 countries turning of their electric light for an hour. Since 2007 one Saturday in March has been dedicated to remember our consumption of electricity.

I have celebrated earth hour since it’s start. The first time I remember, I was 14 and at a party. I drove everyone crazy by trying to turn off all the lights and my friends constantly turned the lights on again. Switching the lights on and off like that probably used more electricity than it saved, but it’s the thought that counts!

This year I had a lovely time on earth hour with three friends I was visiting in Vaasa. We were a bit tired from going out the night before, so just sitting in the dark suited us perfectly. It was so cozy in the candle light and we even tried not to use our phones. It’s just one hour, but it shows that we are aware of how much electricity we use. Sometimes it just feels so good not to use anything powered by electricity for a moment! It makes me feel so calm.

Please comment if you celebrated Earth Hour and tell me how 🙂



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