Paradox of lazy but fit people

I am always surprised how people seem to have energy for the worst Body Pump classes, but when they are faced with a simple choice of an elevator or a staircase they choose the wrong option. They take the option powered by electricity.

The elevator is for people who are wheelchair bound, have broke a leg alternatively are over 90 years. Not for fit Body-pumping 20-somethings. Except for a special case like me limping home in way too high heels, barely being able to walk, at five in the morning. Living on the fifth floor taking the stairs in a case like that would just be torture.

After I got stuck in an elevator a couple of years ago, and waited there for 45 minutes to be let out, I can assure you: the stairs is always the faster option. I spent the time taking selfies, unfortunately I did not get a single good shot.

fellu i hissen



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