Thinking long term

I’m a 22-year-old from Helsinki trying to live a sustainable life.  Defining what a sustainable life really is, isn’t been easy, but I have  come to the conclusion that it means that you care about others and think long term. To mind tomorrow.

Want to know more about me? Obviously, I’m way more than a sustainable lifestyle. To be honest, I’m sometimes the complete opposite since I love traveling. Especially to London, where I used to live for the past year. I love summers at the sea, I like singing and playing the piano, I’m a food gourmand and take every chance to  try new cocktails. I’m an ambitious uni-student and I’m quite active in the student union. However, this blog is not about these things. I’m not going to get personal, other than when it relates just to sustainability.  This blog is about how I try to find more ways to live a sustainable life. I don’t always manage to practice what I preach but I do my best.

It’s about finding a balance between my own pleasure and well-being right here and right now, and the well-being of other humans and all living creatures in the future. It’s about seeing the consequences of my actions globally, minimizing the harming of other people.I want to see the big picture and make that picture look nicer. It might not always be the simplest or cheapest option, but I strongly believe that in the long term it’s going to make the world a better place.

I hope I can inspire you to do the same, remember that there are several ways to a more sustainable lifestyle! I will keep learning and exploring while writing this blog.

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